Pather Panchali….. uhhhh

Let me first say that Pather Panchali wouldn’t be the best definition of a “bollywood” film. I have watched literally every bollywood film known to mankind. This is more like those categorize in the “artsy” film section.  We have separate award shows for these films lol. Well anyways most bollywood films are about 3 to 4 hours and we would not be able to watch any of those during class time. I usually skip the artsy films because they seem rather dull compared to the typical bollywood films filled with action, romance, comedy, or let’s just say a lot more drama and emotion. This film had emotion and drama but it was more subtle. The emotions were more artistic? I don’t know how to explain.

I have never watched a Bengali film so I don’t really know what type of movies they make. I saw one typical “Indian” characteristic if I may say so since I am in that classification as well. The boy is treated as a king, he gets an education doesn’t have to do anything all day long. The daughter on the other hand has to do house work and take care of her brother at the same time. I can relate since I have a little brother. Another typical characteristic they show a lot in Indian films is when the children do something bad, the mother is always blamed its never the father. Sorry, I am one of those people that can’t tolerate it when females are being shown with less power compared to men. It’s not fair! Lol wait till I discuss Breathless with a little more about equality between men and women.

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  1.   mjanczewski Says:

    I have to agree that this film didn’t scream out “Bollywood” to me either. I would have loved to see a film with action, romance, comedy, AND DANCING! 😀
    Pather Panchali’s plot was such a downer and made me feel really really sad at the end.

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