YAY this movie was awesomeeee

Sigh… Breathless. I have to say this movie has been my favorite movie that we have watched in the class so far. It had my full attention the whole time. Even during that long, dragging bedroom scene. I didn’t even realize it was dragging till it finished and I thought to myself “wait did that last as long as I think it did”? From beginning to end, I felt this film was more relatable. Well maybe we can’t relate to everything but the main character had traits which are present in a modern character from New York in a way. I don’t know how to explain what I’m trying to get at. For example, those funny remarks and insults the lead guy (omg I forgot his name already what a shame sigh) kept saying to even the most random people. He is like the typical guy of New York, one that tries hard to get what he needs from a women (not saying that’s how all New York guys are, that’s the stereotype). It was a very city type of setting also with a lot of taxis and cars which New Yorkers can definitely relate to. What I find weird, the female lead didn’t seem to act or appear American compared to the male lead. Obviously a tourist needs to blend in with a new country and learn their language but she even dressed that way also. I’m not trying to insult the French here though, you guys are cool too! I actually liked the fact that the main murder plot wasn’t dramatized or overdone. I need to watch the movie over and edit this post gosh Black Friday destroyed my memory and my brain. Too be continued and edited!

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